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  • Elderberry Natural Lip Balm

    A nourishing lip balm infused with wildcrafted Elderflower and Elderberry. We use local Organic Elderberry Extract for a genuine, sun-ripened Elderberry flavor. Foragers, rejoice!
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  • Blackberry – Natural Lip Balm

    The sweetness of Oregon-made blackberry extract in a pure, botanical lip balm. Oregon is known for its berries, particularly the invasive, yet delicious Himalayan Blackberry. The sweet taste of this Summer treat can be enjoyed any time with this lip balm!
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  • Basil Mint – Natural Lip Balm

    Garden Fresh basil and peppermint essential oils in a moisturizing botanical base. This lip balm is enhanced with extracts of Gunpowder Green Tea and Gotu Kola.
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  • Banana Bread – Natural Lip Balm

    This creamy lip balm is made with real Organic Banana Extract for a delicious, genuine flavor that no synthetic ingredient can beat! We added just a touch of Organic Walnut Extract for sweet banana bread perfection.
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On Sale

  • Spa Lotion Scrub Combo

    Sale! $34.00 $30.60
    The rich, nourishing formulas of Spa Scrub and Butter provide a light floral fragrance to the skin while delivering serious moisture.
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  • Chesterhaven Lotion Scrub Combo

    Sale! $34.00 $30.60
    The sunny and floral fragrance is addictive and immediately transports you into a field of wildflowers.
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  • Haute Cocoa Lotion Scrub Combo

    Sale! $34.00 $30.60
    Treat your skin to something Haute!!
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  • RoseMira Skincare – Calming Starter Collection

    Sale! From $31.06
    A 4-step regimen with the best of the RoseMira products for sensitive/reactive skin.
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