Our Philosophy


The current regulations governing the cosmetics industry does not do a sufficient job of protecting us from ingredients that can cause adverse health affects including but not limited to skin irritation, asthma, and inflammation.

We at Earthly Beauty have concerns that continued use of multiple products which contain any amount of these ingredients could have lasting effects and so promise to only offer products that don’t contain ingredients that fall into these categories.

All the products offered must have complete transparency and list all ingredients included in their product.


There is a huge amount of pain and suffering incurred by animals for ingredient or product testing.  This suffering is pointless and is not required by U.S. laws and is in fact banned in the European Union.

There is no valid reason to test skincare products or the ingredients used to make those products on animals and so we have set a standard to never sell brands that participate in these practices.  Earthly Beauty maintains this standard must be adhered to by all of the brands offered.

Each brand must have passed compliance standards such as those required by Leaping Bunny or PETA which require an adherence now and in the future.


Environmental sustainability is one of the priorities of Earthly Beauty.  Some hear the term and think it is a naive concept however the environment is where we all live and we are connected to it and dependent on it for our health and well-being.

It is for this reason that we place a high priority to support the brands that have adopted practices that help sustain the environment.  These practices include sourcing ingredients only from sustainable, fair trade partners, choosing environmentally friendly packaging, and efficient, non-polluting manufacturing techniques.
The concept of sustainability also includes a corporation’s willingness to assist those who are in need.  There is a priority placed on companies that are using their business as a force for positive change.