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  • Max Green Facial Shave Kit

    Earthly Beauty Exclusive Max Green Facial Care Kit Perfect Gift for Father's Day!!
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  • Scruff Rescue Beard Oil

    Scruff Rescue Beard Oil Signature aroma naturally nourishes, moisturizes and softens beards, moustaches and the underlying skin. The fresh clean aroma is from organic tea tree, lemon tea tree and other pure essential oils. 100% botanically based, silicone-free and packed with whisker-softening phytonutrients.
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  • Scruff Rescue Elixir

    What exactly is our Ultimate Face Elixir? It's not your father's after shave. It's an amazing oil-free and intensely hydrating face serum that teams organic botanicals for toning, pure witch hazel for astringency and plant-based hyaluronic acid in the ultimate anti-aging and grooming trifecta.
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  • Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel

    SuperSlick Shave Gel provides a protective hydrating cushion between your face and razor, giving you a perfect close shave without irritation, nicks or razor burn.
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Showing all 4 results