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  • CLEANSE – Tea Tree + Aloe

    CLEANSE is a gentle foaming gel facial cleanser that works to remove excess oil and keep skin clean and blemish-free. It contains naturally antiseptic tea tree and lavender essential oils and witch hazel that combine perfectly with the soothing, healing properties of aloe vera.
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  • MOISTURIZE – Juniper + Hemp

    The basis of a good skin care routine is moisturizing. It is essential for treating dry flakiness and maintaining a smooth, clear complexion. Our Malechemy Moisturize is formulated to hydrate, soothe, and protect skin while delivering beneficial nutrients. It provides a thin barrier after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. A light, natural scent perfect for sensitive skin. SMELLS LIKE Light woodsy scent
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  • Scruff Rescue Daily Moisturizer

    Scruff Rescue Daily Moisturizer is the final and arguably the most important step to looking your best. Crammed full of natural anti-aging retinoic acid found in rosehip seed oil and nourishing organic botanical phytonutrients, this face cream is an anti-oxidant powerhouse of anti-wrinkle skin nourishment.
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  • Scruff Rescue Elixir

    What exactly is our Ultimate Face Elixir? It's not your father's after shave. It's an amazing oil-free and intensely hydrating face serum that teams organic botanicals for toning, pure witch hazel for astringency and plant-based hyaluronic acid in the ultimate anti-aging and grooming trifecta.
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  • Scruff Rescue Face Scrub

    Scruff Rescue Face Scrub

    Scruff Rescue Face Scrub exfoliates naturally, and is key to helping you look your best! This quick and invigorating step utilizes finely ground walnut shell and lactic acid - the gentle moisturizing alpha hydroxy acid - to gently remove dead skin, cleanse, purify and buff your face before washing away grime. The overall effect is a smoother, more refined and youthful appearance, and lots more confidence!
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Showing all 5 results