Bug Repellent

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  • Bug Repellent Don’t Bug Me! Bug-Off Stick

    Our NEW non oily organic bug repellent spray with a blend of essential oils that acts as a safe substitute for chemical laden bug repellents.
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  • Hubble Bubble Pet Soap

    Hubble Bubbles Dog Soap

    Your dog deserves the same quality soap that you do! Named after the honorable Senator Hubble, 18th Street's friend’s amazing dog,
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  • Natural Insect Repellent

    This nontoxic insect repellent is not only NOT dangerous & filled with chemicals, but it actually WORKS! Based in purified water + organic witch hazel, this bugspray contains several organic essential oils known for their ability to repel all kinds of pesky pests. Spray liberally, as this bugspray doubles as a smell-good, feel-good perfume :) Bonus: it does not leave a sticky, messy feeling, but goes on smooth + light. Comes in a 4 oz aluminum bottle with spray nozzle.
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Showing all 3 results