Calendula Herbal Salve


A moisturizing ointment, rich in compounds that soothe skin and encourage healing, great for dry or irritated skin conditions and tattoo aftercare.

  • Description

    This super soothing organic salve contains the healing herbs of Calendula, Chamomile, and Lavender. Calendula petals, rich in compounds that moisturize, nourish, and encourage healing, have been the secret ingredient in many healing balms and skin care products for centuries. But you don’t need a cut, scrape or irritated skin to use it--it is a great handy moisturizer.  

    • Great all-purpose salve
    • Helps relieve skin irritations (such as eczema), skin rashes, extra dry skin and minor burns
    • Great for infants and children. Use on baby's bottom or to soothe dry, chafed, irritated and sensitive skin
    • Soothes chapped cheeks from cold winter wind or summer sun!
    • Soothes chapped lips
    • A soothing, natural vaginal lubricant (Note: Oil based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms.)
    • We also make a soothing natural oil lubricant for vaginal dryness called Intimate Oil!

    This salve makes a great tattoo butter ointment

    Tattoo aftercare is extremely important. Moisturizing and nourishing herbal-infused olive oil will help soothe and heal your new body art. 

  • Ingredients

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    Organic Calendula,
    Organic Chamomile,
    Organic Lavender,
    Organic Beeswax
  • How to use

    General Directions: Apply liberally as often as needed. Within minutes bring the healing qualities of herbs directly to your skin.

    A Tattoo Aftercare Salve: All that you are trying to do is to moisturize your skin and keep it clean. Our Calendula Salve is a made with simple, organic healing and moisturizing ingredients. 

    • Wash your hands before applying the salve   
    • To help heal your new tattoo, apply a very thin layer three times a day for about a week
    • More is not better:
      • Do not apply a thick coat
      • Your only want your tattoo to have a slight sheen
      • Your skin need to breath to heal properly
    • You are better off applying a thin coat more often if skin feels dry
    • Use after your tattoo session and for the healing weeks after


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