Clarify Ritual Facial Kit


Our CLARIFY ritual is full of nourishing, non-drying ingredients that will help keep pores clear and fight off the bad bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Pair it with skin soothers to reduce inflammation and rich oils that actually help control and calm overactive oil glands.

Clarify Ritual Option
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    This facial kit for acne skin is a holistic acne treatment that is formulated to holistically reduce blemishes, clarify the complexion and return your skin to its optimal health.  By using the power of plants, minerals, and proven to be safe and effective innovative ingredients, this facial kit will help fight off the bacteria causing breakouts, will reduce inflammation. help control over production of sebum, gently exfoliate, and nourish the skin for optimal functioning.  


    Green tea

    Known for its high antioxidant content, unique micronutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea helps calm the skin, reduce oil

    production, and protect from damaging pollution.  


    Thyme ct Linalool

    This type of thyme can safely be applied to skin to soothe irritation and fight off acne-causing bacteria.


    Sea Buckthorn

    A cold-pressed oil that contains vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, and E, folic acid, and  an array of powerful micronutrients. It is jam-packed with

    beneficial omega 3, 6, and 9, and is the only plant source on the planet that contains the elusive omega 7 fatty acid. This translates to tons of benefits for breakout prone and aging skin. Sea Buckthorn is shown to reduce oil production, provide antioxidant properties, and speed up how quickly skin heals itself after a breakout.

  • How to use

    CLEANSE // Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt Complexion Soap
    A richly lathering, deep pore cleansing, charcoal bar soap, that gently cleanses and clears blemish-causing bacteria without over drying the skin. It’s made with activated charcoal to pull dirt and grime out of pores, antibacterial tea tree oil to fight bad bacteria, and Ayurvedic neem oil to help prevent and heal blemishes. The nutrient-rich Dead Sea salt helps to improve overall skin health.

    HYDRATE // Neroli Clarifying Toner
    The antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, thyme, neroli, and willow bark extract found in this blemish-clearing toner work together to stimulate cell turnover and fight off bad bacteria that can cause acne breakouts. Green tea also fights free-radicals and helps balance sebum production. Aloe vera cools and soothes, reducing redness and inflammation. Niacinamide enhance skin’s elasticity and barrier function to improve the tone and texture. This toner also contains Vitamins C and B3, which are cell-communicating ingredients that are known to help increase elasticity, fade discoloration, brighten a complexion, help clear breakouts, and prevent premature aging. The result after a few uses is a clearer, healthier, more radiant complexion.

    MOISTURIZE + BALANCE in the sunlight // Herbal Balancing Serum
    Our Herbal Balancing Serum is formulated to help reduce the overproduction of sebum while simultaneously returning moisture to the skin and calming inflammation. It is made with a proprietary blend of herb infused oils including thyme and green tea to combat breakouts and give your skin a boost of antioxidants. Plant oils rich in linoleic acid such as safflower help manic skin regain balance, and a synergistic blend of essential oils like immortelle and blue chamomile help reduce redness and soothe troublesome skin.

    MOISTURIZE + CLARIFY in the moonlight // Night Clarifying Treatment
    A power punch for both pesky breakouts and premature aging. Sea buckthorn and sugar extract in this nutrient-rich facial oil sinks into skin to deliver high levels of antioxidants, rare fatty acids, and gentle exfoliation to heal, soothe, hydrate and clarify your complexion. This night treatment is formulated to reduce inflammation, speed up healing, and help prevent future breakouts. Prickly pear seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, and pomegranate oil give skin a trifecta of antioxidant protection, vitamins, and fatty acids to heal, brighten, and rejuvenate the skin. Tamanu and tea tree oils fight blemish-causing bacteria. Sugar extract, a natural source of glycolic acid, very gently exfoliates to decongest pores and make skin more vibrant. Blue chamomile and immortelle essential oils, calm inflammation and also speed up the healing of blemishes. There’s also CoQ10 which ramps up collagen production to increase skin elasticity.

    DETOXIFY // Activated Purifying Mask
    Handcrafted with a blend of clays, activated charcoal, and organic flowers to decongest clogged pores, clarify dull and blotchy complexions, gently exfoliate, and restore nutrients to skin. French green clay pulls out impurities and clears pores so that nutrients can settle in and help restore skin barrier functions. Hibiscus, willow bark and sugar extract gently exfoliate without irritation and also deliver antioxidants that protect against free radical damage. Rose and chamomile help soothe and calm aggravated skin.
    Mornings // We don’t recommend cleansing with a traditional cleanser in the morning, especially if you’re prone to breakouts or have dry skin. Over cleansing can throw off your skin’s pH, making it hard to fight off blemishes. Instead, soak our Neroli Clarifying toner onto a cotton pad to cleanse, tone and balance. Follow with a few more mists of the toner before pressing the Herbal Balancing Serum in skin.
    Evenings // Cleanse the skin using our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt soap. Follow by misting on a few pumps of the Neroli Clarifying Toner and then massaging or pressing a small amount of the Night Clarifying Treatment into skin.

    Weekly // 1-2 times per week, follow our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt soap with the Activated Purifying Mask to exfoliate and detoxify. This will purify the pores, remove dead skin cells, promote cellular renewal, and deliver minerals and nutrients. We recommend blending the mask using our Neroli Clarifying Toner or with cooled organic green tea.


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