Lucid Dream Artisan Soap


The scent of Lucid Dream is about waking up in the dream of reality.


It’s deep, dark notes of Oak Moss, Patchouli, Cypriol and Clove ground the lovely high notes of Sweet Orange and Plumeria. A layer of crushed rose petals on top lends its classic tone to this wonderful bar of soap that gives the feeling of being wide awake within a dream.


Pair with our Lucid Dream Perfume Oils to carry the dream with you throughout the day.


4 oz /133 g bar – 100% Vegan – No Preservatives – Cold Processed Soap


Mastercrafted by Old Factory in small batches

  • Details

    Lucid Dream is the first chapter in the story of Parousia. This scent illustrates the tale of a dream that began to become reality.


    The scent was originally developed as an experiment to see if an olfactory response could trigger a lucid dream while sleeping.


    As he designed the first Lucid Dream soap label the perfumer wore the scent to bed every night. One night as he spun around a strange tree, he gazed around and realized he was dreaming. Everything came into focus, became real.


    Upon waking, the excitement of the experiment working was overshadowed by the powerful experience of the lucid dream itself and he was left with a message, a riddle and a lesson that would continue to evolve in the years after. It was there the path to Parousia was set.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified organic oils (extra-virgin olive, coconut, flaxseed and shea butter),

    proprietary essential oil blend,

    a small amount of high quality synthetic fragrance,

    rose petals


    The Soap Recipe

    A perfect ratio of high quality oils and natural ingredients mastercrafted into a bar of soap that does everything you would want a great soap to do. This soap, refined over a decade, boasts a stable luxurious lather that washes even the most stubborn impurities away leaving your skin feeling exactly how fresh, clean skin should feel.


    The plant has a voice. The perfumer has a story.


    Storyline Soap Collection

    The stories of Parousia’s origin told abstractly through originally expressive artisan aromatic blends. Each scent has been crafted using the pure essential oils of plants.


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