Sea Salt & Seaweed Spa Soap


Turn your tub or shower into a Salt Water Spa! This unusual natural soap contains 50% salts, moisturizing virgin shea butter and nourishing mineral rich seaweed.

  • Description

    Ever notice how wonderful your skin feels after a dip in the ocean or sea water? Our Sea Salt & Seaweed soap turns your tub or shower into a sea water spa. After your bath or shower your skin will feel silky smooth, soft, and have a healthy glow.

    This unusual soap containing 50% salts, moisturizing Shea butter, and nourishing seaweed, gently polishes and moisturizes your skin. Salt rubs have been used for centuries for cleansing and revitalizing dry skin. Seaweed, rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, contains practically every mineral found in seawater; a concentration virtually identical to the minerals found in human blood. The essential oil blend is uplifting and refreshing.

    • The minerals in sea water, also found in mineral-rich sea salt, promote healthy skin 
    • Natural organic dulse and kelp seaweeds helps detoxify, cleanse, tone and moisturize skin
    • The essential oil blend is uplifting and refreshing
    • Polishes dull, lifeless skin
    • Skin will feel like you've just had a body treatment at the spa!

    There are no trial size sample bars of Sea Salt available

  • Ingredients

    Organic Coconut Oil,
    Mediterranean Sea Salt,
    Organic Virgin Shea Butter,
    Organic Babassu Oil,
    Himalayan Pink Salt,
    Organic Castor Bean Oil,
    Sodium Hydroxide,
    Organic Aloe Vera,
    Organic Seaweed,
    Kaolin Clay,
    French Pink,
    Organic Parsley,
    Lemongrass Essential Oil,
    Rosemary Essential Oil,
    Organic Lavender Essential Oil,
    Peppermint Essential Oil,
    Spearmint Essential Oil,
    Organic Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)
  • How to use

    Many believe salt bars to be drying and abrasive, but they are not. A fresh bar may feel scratchy, but as it wears down it becomes smooth and polishes your skin more than it exfoliates.  

    How Should I Use Natural Soap to Clean My Face?

    We believe in simple, effective cleansing for your complexion and that is accomplished with natural soap and water. 

    Many believe salt bars to be drying and abrasive, but they are not. A fresh bar may feel scratchy, but as it wears down it becomes smooth and polishes your skin more than it exfoliates.

    I use this salt bar directly on my face, which is very sensitive, a couple times a week. There is a wee bit of a sting from the salt and it may not lather and foam like the rest of our bars, the result is smooth, silky skin. 

    Hand Lathering is usually the suggested method for cleansing delicate facial skin. 

    • Use lukewarm water to create a creamy lather in your clean hands.
    • Gently massage the lather over your face using circular motions with your fingers.
    • Rinse with cool water and pat dry. 

    Washcloth Washers: A washcloth can help remove dead cells and invigorate your skin. A gentle massage with a soft washcloth can help keep facial skin smooth and clean.

    • Rub the bar on a soft, clean, wet cloth to create a creamy lather.
    • Apply to your face by a gentle massage using circular motions.
    • Rinse with cool water and pat dry. 

        If you are using a washcloth:

    • Exfoliating or scrubbing too hard may cause the skin to become red and irritated. 
    • Use a clean washcloth, especially if you are prone to acne. Washcloths can re-deposit dirt and grime right back onto your skin.
    • Washcloths can have soft or rough fibers. You want to use soft, NOT rough fibers on your face. 

     Never share washcloths or other accessories and replace or clean them often. 

    A Few Other Pointers:

    • Use warm, not hot, water to wash your face.
    • Use cool water as a final rinse to close your pores.
    • Avoid products made with synthetic ingredients that can irritate facial skin.
    • Avoid products that contain alcohol which can cause skin to become tight and dry.
    • Apply a moisturizer immediately after washing your face while skin is still damp.


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