Storyline Artisan Soap Sampler


SIX UNIQUE SCENTS TELL SIX UNIQUE STORIES through the art of naturally perfumery, original illustration, and master crafted soap recipes.  Parousia’s Storyline Artisan Soap Sampler is a six scent collection of 1 oz soaps that tell the story of Parousia’s origin.


Experience all the current chapters of our Storyline collection. Intuitively crafted perfumes in an innovative olive oil soap recipe.

Including Lucid Dream, Hunt & Gather, Hermetica, White Rabbit, Event Horizon & Parousia


six 1 ounce bars – 100% Vegan – No Preservatives – Cold Processed Soap


Mastercrafted by Old Factory in small batches

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    A six bar collection of scents that intuitively told the origin stories of what was to one day be Parousia.


    In the beginning, our Storyline Collection was just an creative endeavor into a lost Art in France. This was the art of illustrating stories using the distilled essential oils of different plants to lend their character. The plant had a voice, the perfumer had a story. Much like soapmaking the art of the scented story resonated with the perfumer, like it was in his blood. The history of olive oil soap in Savona and discoveries made about his ancestry supported the idea. He knew plants were powerful but he didn’t realize how powerful.


    The creation of Lucid Dream started it all when the perfumer had his own first lucid dream while designing the soap first packaging. What he experienced would set the stage for the strange, exciting world that approached and the philosophies he would explore and adopt. Thereafter, he would take an intuitive approach to the art of perfumery. It was how the lucid dream was created.


    This process, in brief, would start with an idea, or a slurry of ideas in the perfumers imagination. These imaginings would then guide him through his tiny forest of amber bottles. As he breathed his way through his story, the characters and settings would emerge and how they interacted would come naturally. Each drop would count itself. No sacred mathematics. No book of reference.  When the perfume was complete it was the perfumer would attempt to fill in the gaps with symbolic art and poetry. The result would be one peice in four mediums using 4 different senses.


    As he continued this work he found these stories began to come alive. When a new story was created, after a time something would alter, a way would be made, characters would appear, events on the horizon. In a way, it was like the perfumes were furthering their interpretations through reality itself. Or was it just a dream? Dream or otherwise, the essential oils were changing his life and destiny continued to unfold into the passion that would eventually be Parousia.


    In the end, what he realized was that essence of plants was potent and powerful and a harmonious combination could carry the scent of magic.


    How will these scents play out on you?


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