Bamboo Deodorant Applicator


Scoop and apply your LSF Deodorant Cream with this beautiful & reusable tool.

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Scoop and apply your LSF Deodorant Cream with this beautiful & reusable tool.
Made from sustainably harvested bamboo, this wonderful little scoop fits perfectly inside the jar and is just the right shape for smoothing our natural deodorant cream onto your underarm.
Please note that this is a separate tool from the free wooden scoop stick that comes with each Deodorant Cream. The Bamboo Applicator is larger, smoother, and intended to assist in application as well as scooping.     Each applicator will be different in color and pattern due to natural variations

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .2 in

2.4 oz, Sample


organic arrowroot powder*, food grade magnesium hydroxide, organic coconut oil*, organic jojoba oil*, beeswax, organic vegetable glycerine* (non-gmo & kosher), Organic Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Styrax Benzoin Resin Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Activated Charcoal Powder.

*indicates a certified organic ingredient

How to Use

Gently rub a pea sized amount (see image) into clean, damp skin with your fingertips.

You can use it (and it works!) anywhere else on your body that needs it. Just be sure to patch test before using on extra sensitive areas (like around your intimate bits) to be sure you don’t have any sensitivities to the essential oils in the scent you use. Or, pick up a jar of unscented and dab away!

Curious about making the switch to a natural deodorant? We’ve compiled some great tips and tricks to make the newbie’s transition as easy as possible and optimize the natural deo pro’s experience with our cream!

Is your Deo too creamy, or perhaps it’s too firm, we can help!     Hot temperatures will result in a much creamier deodorant as the coconut oil melts in the high 70’s. Some separation may occur and is natural. Simply give your Deo a good stir and pop in the refrigerator until firm!   Cold temperatures will cause the coconut oil to firm up and may make it difficult to remove product from the jar. Your fingertip should warm it up enough to rub in and your armpit will also help with that once it touches your skin! If you’d like to get the product back to a creamier state, warm up the jar in hot water (not boiling or reaching the top of the jar!) and it should become creamier. You can also add a 1/4 tsp of olive or jojoba oil to keep it softer for longer 🙂


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