Hunt & Gather Artisan Bath Salt 9 oz.


Literally immerse yourself into the Hunt & Gather experience with our luxurious Parousian bath salt.

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Hunt & Gather Artisan Bath Salt 9 oz.

Key Ingredients

  • FRENCH GRAY SALT: French Gray Sea Salt is the star of our bath salt blend, and the most powerful muscle relaxing salt I have ever tried.  Prized in the culinary industry for its high mineral content and ability to hold moisture – it offers these properties to the body as well, helping to provide minerals and moisture through the skin. The gray color comes from the clay beds on which the salt crystalizes as it comes in from the sea.
  • HIMALAYAN PINK SALT:  Himalayan salt is said to be the purest salt in the world, and is well known for its ability reduce allergies, and remove toxins from the body.  This salt is well loved for its beautiful pink color.
  • DEAD SEA SALT: Highly desired for its natural anti-inflammatory properties and ability to heal & support skin issues including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and even allergies.  Dead sea salt contains more than 20 minerals, all of which are important to remain vitally healthy!
  • EPSOM SALT: Probably one of the most well known salts used for bath – this salt works wonders for muscle relaxation, stress relief, and general mending of physical problems in a nice long soak.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: White Rabbit, comprised of 19 pure essential oils. Its voice of Tuberose is backed up by notes of Lavender and Vanilla balanced with Orange and held down by a base of Cypriol.
  • JOJOBA OIL: Jojoba oil has profound moisturizing abilities, we have added it to our bath salt blend because we love the way it makes your skin feel during the bath, and afterwards.  It also allows us to blend the essential oils and helps them to disperse throughout the bath (similar to how it helps carry our essential oil perfumes).
  • FRENCH GREEN CLAY: Wonderfully toning and detoxifying, this clay also adds a luxurious smoothness to anything in touches.
  • LEMON VERBENA POWDER: Used here as a natural colorant – this well loved herb is inviting, its aroma calls you from across the garden. We find it to be one of the most powerfully alluring scent, a siren calling you to the wild- a perfect complement to our Hunt & Gather blend.

How to Use

For a strong, full body soak, add 1/4 cup (or more) of salt to warm bathwater. For a mild soak, or foot bath add 2 tablespoons to your tub, or foot bath container. Soak for at least 20 minutes.  **If you would like to extend the life of our artisan salt blend, while still getting a strong, relaxing soak you can use 2-4 tablespoons of this blend, and add 1 cup of epsom salt to the bath water.



Remember: The scent of Hunt & Gather is about hunting for the truth and gathering oneself.

  • Run your bath and climb in.  Take a few minutes to get used to the water, inhale the earthy Hunt & Gather scent.  Close your eyes and breath deeply.  Let your day to day reality fall away, create a connection to earth by sending your roots down through the tub into the ground below.  Feel your body sinking into the earth, becoming one with the clay, water, and air all around you. Stay here a while. What is the essence of “you”?


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