Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner Sample


A superb hydrosol for oily, dry, or mature skin and soothing for Rosacea.

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Two complimentary Rose Hydrosols, Neroli Hydrosol and Rose de Mai Essential Oil. The result is a sweet-scented toner, its ingredients used for centuries to maintain the skin’s youthful glow.

Rose Hydrosol is a versatile part of your skin care regimen. Used by itself as a toner, it provides the necessary hydration for all skin types. Combine two Rose Hydrosols, White Rose and Rose Damascene with Rose de Mai essential oil, and you have the ultimate Rose Toner.

Mildly astringent, Neroli Hydrosol is choice for oily or acne plagued skin. Combined with Rose Hydrosol, the synergy of the two controls and balances sebum production creating a superb hydrosol for both oily and dry or mature skin and to soothe and calm Rosacea.

Our Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner stimulates the skin and promotes blood flow. It balances and restores the skin’s pH and tightens pores. Its antibacterial properties offer troubled skin a gentler alternative to the more commonly harsh acne treatments. It’s also healing to sensitive skin, soothing dermatitis and irritation. This combination of ingredients is especially effective as an Anti-Wrinkle treatment.

Designed For: All Skin Types, including Dry, Mature, Combination-Oily skin and for Rosacea

Benefits: Toning, Hydrating, Refreshing, Balancing, Soothing

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1.7 oz, Sample

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How to Use

Shake bottle well to mix hydrosols and essential oils. Apply daily after cleansing. With eyes closed saturate skin with 3-4 sprays. Press gently into face and wait a few moments before applying a serum or moisturizing cream to slightly damp skin.

Note: Hydrosol Toners are an essential element in protecting the skin from the effects of free radicals by balancing its pH and promoting cellular repair. Toners should be used throughout the day to refresh, tone and hydrate.

Key Ingredients

• Rose Hydrosol: Astringent, Toning, Balancing, Stimulating
• Neroli Hydrosol: Balancing Sebum Production, Rejuvenating, Toning
• Rose Essential Oil: Stimulating, Moisturizing, Hydrating


*Organic Rosa Alba (White Rose) Hydrosol; *Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascene (Rose) Hydrosol; Aqua (Water) Distilled; *Organic Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Hydrosol; *Organic French Rosa Centifolia (Rose de Mai) Absolute; *A blend of pure essential oils;
*Certified organic Ingredients


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